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State Of Readiness

Oct 2, 2018

Our guest in this episode of “State of Readiness” is Donald Kuk; continuous improvement expert extraordinaire.  He started his continuous improvement journey in the mid-1990's at General Electric when he was personally selected by Jack Welch to join Jack and a select group of others senior leaders at GE in the very class to be trained in Six Sigma – taught by the original Six Sigma Guru himself, the late Mikel Harry.  Since then, Donald has held senior leadership positions at JP Morgan - Chase, Computer Associates, AIG, BNY Mellon, and now Mednax (a leading healthcare provider in the States).  Whether in the C-Suite or reporting to the C-Suite in his various positions, his responsibilities included; Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence, Quality, Policy Deployment, and Business Transformation.  I am sure you will find his experiences, stories, and insights as fascinating as I did.

Host: Joseph Paris, Founder of the;  XONITEK Group of Companies,  Operational Excellence Society & Readiness Institute

Guest: Donald Kuk

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In addition to graduating from GE’s Executive University as mentioned above; Donald graduated from the College of the Air Force, US Air Force Medical School, Sheppard, AFB and earned his certification as a Surgical / Emergency Medical Technician.  Afterwards, he went on to George Washington University and Vernay Laboratories where he studied Statistical Process Management under Dr. W. Edward Deming (who signed his certificate) and also the University of Michigan where he studied chemistry.

The companies Donald has worked at and the positions held include;

  • MEDNAX; Chief Transformation Officer, CTO, Operational Excellence, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • BNY Mellon; Chief Process Architect, Strategist, Operational Excellence, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • AIG; Enterprise Transformation Change Agent, Operational Excellence, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • CA Technologies; Vice President Worldwide Transformation, Operational Excellence, Quality and Policy Deployment
  • JPMorgan Chase;  Senior Vice President Operational Excellence & Business Transformation
  • Telaxis Communications; Vice President Operations, Operational Excellence and Business Transformation
  • GE Global Research; Executive Manager Worldwide Advanced Technology and Business Transformation
  • Intergraph; Director Advanced Technology

In addition to being published in respected magazines and journals (both on the web and in print), Donald has been recognized and honored with many awards and patents.